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traditional tea set in the apartment


Whether you're here for business or leisure, we want you to feel at home and experience our city's best.


Fez is a vibrant and historic city, full of culture, art, and hospitality. From exploring the winding alleys of the medina to savoring the delicious local cuisine, there's always something new to discover and enjoy.

Riad Saad Fes - Apart, your home away from home in the heart of Fez. We are delighted to have you as our guest and we hope that your stay with us will be comfortable and enjoyable.

The idea of this 130m2 Riad Apartment is to give you full privacy, We offer the entire apartment for your exclusive use.

Riad Saad Fes -Apartment is conveniently located on: Kissaria Mabrouka, App 29, 21 Rue Lakhdar Ghilane, Boulevard Hassan II, Fès 30009, Maroc in the Agdal neighborhood at 10 min from the Medina. On the ground level of the building, you will find a Creamery, bakery/pastries, Coffee shop, Perfumery, Hair salon, and a Car rental office.

On the same street, you will also find a small grocery shop where you can everything you need at a reasonable price, a Taxi, and a Bus station. Clients can park their cars in the street; there is a 24/7 Guard for cars (2-3 Euro/USD per night).

Borj Fez is a modern shopping mall located a short distance walking from the apartment. It features a variety of local and international brands, as well as a large Carrefour supermarket, fast food restaurants, a cinema, and a children's play area. It's a great place to pick up souvenirs or gifts, grab a quick bite to eat or catch a movie. The mall is open daily from 10 am to 10 pm.

We want to ensure that you have the best possible experience during your stay, so we've compiled a welcome book full of insider tips and essential information about the neighborhood and surrounding area. Download it here!



Royal Palace Golded Doors

Royal Palace Golded Doors

(2km from the Riad Apart)

Dar al-Makhzen in Fes translates in Arabic to the ‘House of the Makhzen’. It is the official Royal residence of the King of Morocco. 

It is surrounded by high walls to protect the Moroccan Royal family and, if you can believe it, spans an area of 195 acres!

Souks Attarine - Seffarine

Souks Attarine - Seffarine

(2km from the Riad Apart)

A traditional market selling a wide variety of goods, including spices, textiles, and ceramics.

This Souk is located in Fes old Medina, just off Souk el Attarine. It is a peaceful square in the bustling Medina. You can find henna, kohl and traditional balms stalls here. This square is connected to the oldest and largest mental asylum of Fes called Maristane Sidi Frej. It is a good place to buy herbs, olives, pottery and musical instruments.

Chouara Tannery -Debaghine

Chouara Tannery -Debaghine

(2km from the Riad Apart)

The most notable feature of Chouara and the other local tanneries is the numerous stone vats filled with different colored dyes and white liquids. Hides of cows, sheep, goats, and camels are processed by first soaking in a series of white liquids – made from various mixtures of cow urine, pigeon feces, quicklime, salt, and water – in order to clean and soften the tough skins.

Fez has many fascinating sights to see, including:

Al Madrassa Al Bouanania: A stunning example of Moroccan architecture, this madrasa features intricate tilework and a tranquil courtyard. Located in the medina, about 2 km from the apartment.

➤ Al Karaouyine University: Founded in the 9th century, this university is considered one of the oldest in the world. Located in the medina, about 2 km from the apartment

➤ Talaa El Kebira: A bustling street in the heart of the old medina, lined with shops and cafes. Located in the medina, about 2 km from the apartment.

➤ Jnane Sbil Garden: A beautiful garden located in the old part of the city. Located in the medina, about 3 km from the apartment.

➤ Souks Attarine: A traditional market selling a wide variety of goods, including spices, textiles, and ceramics. Located in the medina, about 2 km from the apartment.

➤ Place Recif: A vibrant square with many cafes and restaurants, perfect for people-watching. Located in the medina, about 2 km from the apartment.

➤ Zellij workshops: Learn about the intricate art of zellij, or Moroccan tilework, and watch craftsmen at work. Located in the medina, about 2 km from the apartment.

➤ Moulay Yacoub Spa a Vichy network: Relax and rejuvenate at this traditional Moroccan spa, located just outside the city, about 18 km.

➤ Trip to Meknes: Take a day trip to the nearby city of Meknes, known for its imperial architecture and historic sites, about 60 km.

➤ Annual cherry festival and beautiful scenery in Sefrou, located about 28 km from Fes.

➤ Trip to Immouzer, Ifrane, and Lacs: Visit the stunning natural landscapes of Immouzer, Ifrane, and the surrounding lakes, located about 60 km from Fes.

➤ Sidi Harazem Source: Relax and enjoy the healing properties of the natural hot springs at Sidi Harazem, located about 15 km from Fes.

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