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Discover the Charm of Fes, Morocco: Top 10 Must-Visit Places and How to Explore Them?

Are you ready for an adventure in the heart of Morocco? Fes, one of the country's oldest and most fascinating cities, is a UNESCO World Heritage site that offers a rich cultural experience like no other. From ancient medinas to grand palaces, Fes is a treasure trove of history, architecture, and vibrant local culture. Here are the top 10 must-visit places in Fes, and how you can explore them for an unforgettable journey.


#1 Fes el-Bali (Old Medina): Step back in time as you explore the labyrinthine streets of Fes el-Bali, the oldest part of the city.

This UNESCO-listed medina is a maze of narrow alleyways lined with ancient buildings, bustling markets, and artisan workshops. Lose yourself in the vibrant colors, sounds, and scents of this vibrant neighborhood, and be sure to visit landmarks such as the Bou Inania Madrasa, Al-Attarine Madrasa, and Dar Batha Museum.

How to explore: Hire a local guide to help you navigate the narrow alleys and provide insights into the history and culture of Fes el-Bali. Wear comfortable shoes, as the streets can be uneven and hilly. Be prepared for the sensory overload of sights, sounds, and smells that characterize the medina.

#2 Boujloud Square: Located at the entrance of Fes el-Bali, Boujloud Square is a lively gathering place where locals and tourists come together.

The square is known for its grand Bab Boujloud gate, a stunning example of Moroccan architecture with its blue and green zellij tiles. Visit in the evening to witness the square come alive with music, street performances, and a vibrant atmosphere.

How to explore: Spend an evening in Boujloud Square to experience the lively energy of the locals and immerse yourself in the local culture. Try some traditional Moroccan street food, such as grilled meat skewers or sweet pastries, from the food stalls around the square.

#3 Royal Palace of Fes: A grand showcase of Moroccan architecture and design, the Royal Palace of Fes is a stunning sight to behold.

While the palace is not open to the public, you can admire its ornate gates and impressive walls adorned with intricate zellij tilework and calligraphy.

The palace is a testament to Morocco's rich history and royal heritage.

How to explore: Take a walk along the perimeter of the Royal Palace to appreciate its impressive architecture and capture some beautiful photos. There are several vantage points outside the palace where you can get a good view of the grand gates and walls.

#4 Dar Batha Museum: Located in a 19th-century palace, Dar Batha Museum is a treasure trove of Moroccan arts and crafts.

The museum houses a diverse collection of traditional textiles, ceramics, jewelry, and carpets, showcasing the rich cultural heritage of the region. The beautifully landscaped gardens surrounding the museum are also worth exploring.

How to explore: Take your time to wander through the various rooms of the museum and admire the exquisite craftsmanship of the exhibits. The museum provides insight into Morocco's rich artistic traditions and is a great place to learn about the country's history and culture.

#5 Bou Inania Madrasa: This stunning 14th-century madrasa (Islamic school) is an architectural masterpiece with intricate stucco carvings, zellij tilework, and a beautiful courtyard.

The Bou Inania Madrasa is still used as a religious school today and

How to explore: Exploring Bou Inania Madrasa is a unique experience that offers a glimpse into the rich history and culture of Fes, Morocco. Take your time to appreciate the beautiful architecture and immerse yourself in the serene ambiance of this historical site.

#6 Chouara Tannery: Fes is famous for its leather goods, and the Chouara Tannery is a fascinating place to see how traditional leather production takes place.

Located in the heart of the medina, the tannery is a labyrinth of stone vessels filled with colorful dyes used for treating animal hides. You can witness the tanning process from the terraces of surrounding shops and take in the sight and smell of this ancient craft.

How to explore: Hire a local guide or shop owner to take you to the terraces overlooking the Chouara Tannery. They can provide you with insights on the tanning process and help you navigate the busy medina streets.

#7 Dar el-Makhzen (Fes Royal Palace Museum): While the Royal Palace itself is not open to the public, the Dar el-Makhzen Museum offers a glimpse into the opulent lifestyle of Moroccan royalty.

This former palace turned museum features beautiful courtyards, impressive gardens, and stunning architecture. The museum showcases an extensive collection of traditional Moroccan art, including ceramics, textiles, weapons, and jewelry.

How to explore: Take a guided tour of the Dar el-Makhzen Museum to learn about Morocco's royal history and marvel at the grandeur of the palace. Don't miss the beautiful gardens and courtyards, which provide a serene escape from the bustling medina.

#8 Borj Nord & Borj Sud: Fes is known for its historic fortifications, and the Borj Nord and Borj Sud are two of the city's well-preserved fortresses.

Located on the hills overlooking the medina, these forts offer panoramic views of Fes and its surroundings. They were originally built in the 16th century to defend the city from invasions and now serve as museums showcasing the military history of Morocco.

How to explore: Climb to the top of Borj Nord and Borj Sud to enjoy breathtaking views of Fes and the surrounding landscapes. The forts also house exhibits on Moroccan military history, including weapons, armor, and artifacts.

#9 Mellah (Jewish Quarter): Fes has a rich Jewish heritage, and the Mellah, or the Jewish Quarter, is a testament to the city's diverse history.

This historic neighborhood is known for its well-preserved Jewish architecture, including synagogues, cemeteries, and traditional houses. It's a place where you can learn about the once-thriving Jewish community of Fes and its contributions to Moroccan culture.

How to explore: Take a stroll through the narrow streets of the Mellah and visit the preserved Jewish heritage sites, such as the Ibn Danan Synagogue and the Jewish Cemetery. Engage with the local community to learn more about their history, traditions, and daily life.

#10 Jardin Jnan Sbil: After exploring the bustling medina, take a moment of tranquility in the beautiful Jardin Jnan Sbil.

This peaceful garden, located near the Royal Palace, is a lush oasis filled with fragrant flowers, exotic plants, and serene fountains. It's a perfect spot for a leisurely stroll or a relaxing picnic, away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

How to explore: Visit Jardin Jnan Sbil during the cooler hours of the day and take your time to explore its peaceful pathways, admire the colorful flowers, and relax in its serene ambiance.

In conclusion, Fes, Morocco, is a city that captures the essence of Moroccan culture, history, and architecture. From the ancient medina and its bustling markets to the grand palaces, museums, and tranquil gardens, there are plenty of must-visit places in Fes that offer.


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